Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fashion Missteps....

I realise that I have been a bit quiet but on Saturday my aunt and I are undertaking a 50km endurance walk for charity, more specifically, for the untouchable children of India. This means that I have been walking my butt off trying to ensure that I don't collapse in a heap on Saturday. This would be most embarrassing and would do the children no good at all! 

According to my sports watch I have now done 72kms of walking in preparation for this and I feel like I am about ready to embark on the walk. The only thing that is deeply troubling to me is how unflattering my walking clothes are. There is nothing fashionable about them. Nike tights, a baggy-ish shirt that says "I left my heart in NYC" and a blue jumper that is - gasp, shock, horror - horizontal stripes! 
I know that being comfortable is the key, since I will be walking for about 12 hours, but it would be awesome if I could look great doing it. My complaint is this; there is nowhere to buy awesome looking work out clothes. The one place we do have in Ausland, namely, Lorna Jane is so ridiculously overpriced it makes my toes curl. I mean Stella McCartney for Adidas doesn't command those types of prices. So on principle I will not shop there. 

I guess that the most important thing is this, to get the job done, even if I look terrible doing it. At the end of the day I am walking for a bunch of children who don't care what I look like and how I get to the finish line, all they care about is the benefit that my walking gives to them, the better life it enables them to have and the doors it opens in their lives. 
So my fashion missteps, though cringe worthy to me, are steps in the right directionof a very worthy cause... I will be tweeting from the path and keeping anyone who is interested updated on the progress being made. In the meantime, please forgive my silence, you know if i'm not here, I can only be one place... walking!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. That's a wonderful thing you're doing and you're right, the children won't give a damn what you wear but it's always nice for a girl to feel like she looks good. There's a line called Lululemon that's canadian I think and I love their stuff, it is really flattering to the body. They don't have any stores in Australia but you can buy online:

    Good luck on your walk!

  2. hell my dear ! it is really a pleasure to meet you here on your blog ! we are both on Polyvore !

    you did a really great job and very inspiring !!!!!!