Thursday, 24 November 2011

Park Fun..

Bag: Sportsgirl Leopard Print Bracelet: Sussan Gold Rope Bracelets: Equip Ring: Diva

Jeans: Sportsgirl Floaty Top: Supre and Court Culture Booties

Sunglasses: Mr. Price (South Africa) Charm Bracelet: Equip

I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather (or should I say overcast weather) and slip my favourite booties on for the last time this year, Summer has hit with full force and it is too hot for closed shoes. Before I pack them away I went and had a little bit of fun in the park; it's always nice to go out and play especially when you feel fabulous doing it! 

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just Because I Live In A Small Town, Doesn't Mean I Can't Be A Gossip Girl...!!!

Sunglasses: Sportsgirl Shorts: Mink Clutch: Temt Top: Valleygirl Shoes: Novo Bracelets and Ring: Diva Necklace: Mr. Price (South Africa)

When you live in a small-ish beach  town, as Mudjimba, Queensland is, you tend to forget to be fashion forward and instead concentrate on being beach ready and comfortable. However, watching Gossip Girl Season 4 reminded me (even I need reminding every so often!) how much fun getting dressed up in gorgeous clothes is and what a treat it is to get ready for a day out, even if you're only going to the grocery store. Besides looking good you feel so amazing about yourself and that confidence shines through. 

PS The entire outfit cost about AUD$120 so you can look good without Serena van der Woodsen's budget!! 

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fashion Missteps....

I realise that I have been a bit quiet but on Saturday my aunt and I are undertaking a 50km endurance walk for charity, more specifically, for the untouchable children of India. This means that I have been walking my butt off trying to ensure that I don't collapse in a heap on Saturday. This would be most embarrassing and would do the children no good at all! 

According to my sports watch I have now done 72kms of walking in preparation for this and I feel like I am about ready to embark on the walk. The only thing that is deeply troubling to me is how unflattering my walking clothes are. There is nothing fashionable about them. Nike tights, a baggy-ish shirt that says "I left my heart in NYC" and a blue jumper that is - gasp, shock, horror - horizontal stripes! 
I know that being comfortable is the key, since I will be walking for about 12 hours, but it would be awesome if I could look great doing it. My complaint is this; there is nowhere to buy awesome looking work out clothes. The one place we do have in Ausland, namely, Lorna Jane is so ridiculously overpriced it makes my toes curl. I mean Stella McCartney for Adidas doesn't command those types of prices. So on principle I will not shop there. 

I guess that the most important thing is this, to get the job done, even if I look terrible doing it. At the end of the day I am walking for a bunch of children who don't care what I look like and how I get to the finish line, all they care about is the benefit that my walking gives to them, the better life it enables them to have and the doors it opens in their lives. 
So my fashion missteps, though cringe worthy to me, are steps in the right directionof a very worthy cause... I will be tweeting from the path and keeping anyone who is interested updated on the progress being made. In the meantime, please forgive my silence, you know if i'm not here, I can only be one place... walking!! 

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Beauty Box... My Ten Favourite Beauty Items.

One's beauty regime is a very personal exercise, some people prefer the wash and go approach and others take more time on their overall look. Which ever one you are it is important to ensure you always feel good (at this point I could go into lecture mode whereby I emphasise the importance of a good cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, but I won't! That's self restraint for ya!) 

I have to admit I am a bit of a beauty product slut, I LOVE trying new things and the prettier the packaging the better... Yes, I am that sad, pathetic girly girl that the marketing companies target... "Yes, make that bottle of shampoo bright pink and it will fly off the shelves" they say with an evil laugh, and I must confess, it works!! That being said, I do carefully investigate each beauty buy to make sure that it will give me value for my money and also that it will do the job it purports to do and after some careful research, and trying a few duds along the way, here are my Top Ten Picks of the Moment .... doo do do doo (trumpet fanfare and all that jazz!) 

In no particular order... 

TEN - Schwarzkopf Extra Care Shampoo and Conditioner with Wild Rose Oil

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Shampoo

 Winter has really done a number on my hair, making it very dry and this shampoo and conditioner makes my hair really shiny and soft and with the rose oil, my hair smells great too. 

I wash my hair every day so I do need a shampoo and conditioner that is not going to be too damaging and this one is excellent, nevermind the fact that the bottles are absolutely gorgeous, total eye candy for your shower, they do the job and that's what counts! 

Maybelline Falsies

NINE - Maybelline False Lash Effect Mascara

We've all seen the ads, you know the ones with the model with such thick eyelashes on that she can barely lift her eyelids! They all promise us the covetd prize of lash perfection; thick, long, luscious lashes. Well my style divas I have to say that Maybelline's Falsies Mascara delivers on that promise. 

The brush is spoon shaped so it really gets into the curve of your lashes and adds volume, separates the lashes and lengthens them. I am an absolute masacar aficionado, always on the hunt for the perfect mascara (I spend more time on my lashes in the mornings than on ANYTHING ELSE! Fact!) and this mascara has consistently done the job. A definite must have in your make-up bags. 

EIGHT - MAC Fuschia Fix Lipbalm 

Quelle Horreur!! I am not a huge MAC fan, which as a style diva is a complete no no... Admittedly they have some gorgeous make-up but I have found it to either be too heavy or to not do the job it sets out to do (MAC mascara are you listening?!) BUT that being said, this lipbalm has been my best friend since September 2009 and I remember this with such clarity as it was the month of my best friend's wedding (no, not the movie, my actual best friends wedding) I bought the lip balm and have never looked back. There is simply nothing that can compare to this balm. 

It is soft and silky, it is the perfect rosebud pink, it moisturises my lips, has an SPF of 15 and lasts for 6 months! I am an obsessive lip balm re-applier, I hate having dry lips and even with my heavy handedness this lip balm lasts. It's a fantastic buy and one of my best beauty friends. 

SEVEN - St. Ives Triple Butters Body Wash (CreamyCoconut) 

St. Ives Body Wash
I do tend to chop and change body washes, depending on the mood I am in, some days you want to smell like vanilla and others you want to smell more fruity but this body wash is definitely one of the best I have ever used. 
The smell alone is enough to keep me coming back for more, that subtle scent of coconut that makes you feel as if you're on holiday on a tropical beach. Plus, it really is so moisturising that after you get out of the shower your skin feels soft and nourished. The real bitch about how good this is is that you can never find it in the shops as it's always sold out, so if you see it, grab it and give it a whirl, you'll love it, I promise!!

SIX - Garnier Body Lotion 

Garnier Body Lotion
 I am a bit strange with body lotions in that I like my skin to feel moisturised but I don't like my skin to feel clammy, this means that if the moisturiser is too thick then I throw it out the window. I have always used Nivea Sea Minerals as it is a thin, fast absorbing lotion, that is until I stumbled upon Garnier's Intensive Moisture Range. 

I love the honey one but there are enough flavours to choose from to make anyone happy and the lotion will certainly deliver on its promise, intense hydration and a long lasting feel. It really is a gorgeous body lotion, smells good, feels even better. I love discovering fantastic new beauty products and this is one of them! 

FIVE - Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz

Make-Up Finishing Spritz
These days with such hectic lifestyles our make up is often the first victim of a busy day. By the end of the day, after much face rubbing, most make up has often disappeared and with time constraints it is hard to constantly keep re-applying. That is why I love this finishing spray (and most finishing products in general) because they really ensure a fresh face, all day. 

The Australis Finishing Spritz has rose water and aloe in it so it is soothing for the skin and is a great thing to have in your handbag to spray on throughout the day whenever you're feeling frazzled. For the fliers out there to decant some into a bottle and carry on board your flight will help you to look well rested and fresh when you step off the plane. 

You don't have to particularly use this product, I do because it is available but any spritzes, even water based sprays, will do the same job, and that is tried and tested advice! 

FOUR - Beckham Signature Summer for Women 

Signature Summer for Women
 My signature scent (yes we all need one!) is Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense, the most epically (I think I made this word up but it's a goody) beautiful fragrance EVER created. When I smell it I hear angels singing and when I wear it I feel like a supermodel; and that is what a good signature scent does. 

However, so as not to use all of my precious perfume in one month I do tend to have a few back-ups to wear every day. Here is a free piece of advice ladies: NEVER leave the house without scent, it is our most powerful weapon. Smell good and men will stop functioning and do, pretty much whatever we ask. Ok, not really but it's a good theory! 

My back up fragrance at the moment is Beckham's Signature Summer for Women, a gorgeous, light and oh so feminine fragrance that makes me think of Spring flowers. Well since the notes are mostly floral it's no wonder. For your top notes you have some water lily, freesia and violet. The heart is jasmine, Madonna Lily and frangipani and the base is vanilla, vetiver and musk. It is only an EDT (which is eau de toilette so typically doesn't have as much staying power as your eau de parfum) but I do notice at the end of the day, when I remove my scarf, I catch the last delicate wafts of this delicate fragrance, which always brings a smile to my face. 

THREE - Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Face Wash (With Pink Grapefruit Extract) 

Neutrogena Face Wash
 You would think at my age that break outs would be a thing of the past, hell no! But I have discovered Neutrogena's Face Wash, which works a treat and smells great to boot (and yes, it's pink and pretty!) 

The face wash lathers nicely, works well to remove most of my make-up, doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and itchy and seems to keep the break outs to a minimum, as well as my excellent toning and cleansing routine, drinking heaps of water, staying away from greasy foods etcetera and the list goes on. 

I love expensive facial products, who doesn't, they work, they last and they look good but not all of us can afford these products. Neutrogena is inexpensive, works as well and is endorsed by Hayden Pannettiere... 

TWO - Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Shadow

Hyper Diamonds Eye Shadow
I am always on the look out for great eye shadow, I love using greens to complement my eyes and I love a golden shadow to add to the corners of my eyes for a look that is pure JLo glamour. 

Maybelline's latest eye shadow does just that, the greens are gorgeous, the texture is velvety and there is just enough glitter in there to make your eyes stand out without looking like you're just left a Vegas stage. As I mentioned earlier I am a fuss pot with my eyes and I always like to make sure I use great products on them in order to maximise the wow factor and I must say I am loving how this eye shadow is working for me. A great buy and a top beauty find. 

ONE - Confidence!! 

There is no picture for this and it is definitely not something you can buy but it is a complete beauty necessity in order to ALWAYS look your best. No matter what you're wearing, whether natural or flawlessly finished, if you don't have this key ingredient your look will flop. 
Love who you are my lovelies, good hair days, fat days, slouchy slob days; you are your own best friend so make sure you give yourself that pep talk in the morning that goes something like this "girlfriend, you are fabulous!" Smile, walk tall and take life by the b*lls! 

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Throw Out The Rulebook...

Polyvore Blogger Awards... Karla's Closet

Polyvore Blogger Awards... Karla's Closet by Style Diva_13 (catching up!!) featuring steve madden pumps

I discovered Polyvore about a year ago when I was paging through one of my favourite fashion magazines Shop Til You Drop (you can follow them on Twitter : @shoptilyoudrop), for a creatively repressed lawyer (me by the way) the site was like manna from heaven, a place where I could indulge my passion for fashion, see other people's creativity, comment on it and make friends with a group of fabulous, stylish fashionistas. I have always considered myself to be good with fashion, having a natural eye for what works together and what doesn't, it is kind of why my friends and family have been asking me to help them accessorise their looks for years but Polyvore gave me the scope to work with all the fashion I love, put it together in a totally creative way, mix and match looks and have the support of a community letting me know my work was appreciated. It has been a real gift to me. 

The other great thing with being on a fashion website is that it allows you to realise the wealth of talent that is out there in the form of bloggers, stylists, new designers etc etc. Seeing how other people use fashion or dress it up is an inspiration to me to try new things, new styles and to always keep the evolution of my style aesthetic going. At the moment Polyvore is running a contest in which you create sets to vote for your favourite fashion blogger. The coveted prize is a Chanel bag (yes you read right!) and what a prize that would be, but, more important than the prize is the discovery of some amazing blogs! The one featured, which is my first entry to the contest is called Karla's Closet and Karla is up for a blogger award for the most coveted wardrobe (take a peek at her blog here ) to see exactly what I am talking about. OMG this girl has a wardrobe that would make a Vogue editor go green with envy and boy does she know how to mix it up. One very important lesson I learnt from this savvy style diva is this: throw out the fashion rule book! As Karla demonstrates, why only wear sparkles at night? It seems silly, doesn't it, to let your most gorgeous tops hang in your closet for special occassions when every single day should be a special occassion. Admittedly one might wonder how to wear a sparkle top to work but, my style goddesses, it can be done! 

One black sequinned top + one black pencil skirt + one cute as a button cardi = style magic!! 

The only thing to remember about fashion is that taking risks is never a bad thing. Whether you want to try colour blocking, or wearing contrasting colours, or even pairing leopard print with red jeans a la Khloe Kardashian all I can say is JUST DO IT! 

Fashion is life's most adaptable art form; it is personal, fun and eye opening. It allows you to be creative in every sense of the word, opening up a world of possibilities that other areas of your life don't allow. It may seem scary, but then start small a turquoise cuff with a coral scarf, a black skirt, blue blouse and pink jacket, a leopard print scarf and some red flats, the list is endless! The main thing is to try and I promise you will never have more fun! 

Have a fashionably fabulous week and thanks for stopping by!! 


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Going Nowhere Slowly...

Los Angeles Confidential Editorial Free * Spirits, June 2008 Shot #1 |...

Los Angeles Confidential Editorial Free * Spirits, June 2008 Shot #1 |... (clipped to

These days nothing is done slowly, everything is a constant rush, leaving people feeling overwhelmed and over stressed. We chase the big money, the important job, corner office, cool car and big ol' house but what we fail to realise is that our single minded determination to rise to the top means we are missing out on the view on our way up there! Don't get me wrong I am as ambitious and determined to be successful as the next gal (I mean my Louboutin obsession won't just go away!) but I also know the importance of taking time to smell the roses. Yes, yes an old cliche if ever there was one but nonetheless a very solid kernel of truth. In today's hurry me, rush me society so much of what we are working for is forgotten in the melee and it is truly sad. 

I speak from experience having managed to attain the high powered job, the fantastic salary and the gorgeous apartment in the right location only to give it all up because I wanted more; not more stuff and not a better job, but a better life. I wanted passion and happiness in my career, I wanted fulfilment and satisfaction and I wanted contentment. These are all things that money cannot buy, and though my journey has been and still is a tough one, I am meeting the challenges head on and enjoying them because these challenges are all in pursuit of my happiness. This may sound trite and once again I am rolling out another well worn cliche but we only get this one life, it sure is hell ain't a dress rehearsal, so we should make sure it's fabulous. 

My passions are acting and fashion, it's doubtful that I will ever make it onto the big (or little) screen, much to my dismay, but I can pursue my dream of working in and with fashion, whether it be on Polyvore creating amazing sets and looking at others gorgeous work, starting my own personal styling business, talking about fashion in my blog or tweeting about great fashion that catches my eye. The point is this, I may not have the fancy car (yet) or my own home, I may be on the wrong side of 20, I may be facing more challenges now than I have ever faced in my life BUT I have fire in my belly, I have hope in my heart and I am determined to get there... as my Gran used to say "slowly, slowly catch a monkey!" 

In the meantime I am going to live each day to the full, I will take notice of things around me and appreciate them. I will enjoy the company of my loved ones. I will learn how to bake. I will grow my business every way I can. I will explore my new Country and make new friends and most of all I will allow my spirit some freedom to simply just be... No rush, no hurry, just... going nowhere slowly! 

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Monday, 18 July 2011

A Weekend of Fashion..

There is nothing better than having a little bit of money and taking yourself off to the Mall and finding some great fashion buys, on sale! I am starting a business that is, hopefully, going to make fashion my life so I thought it was necessary to add some key items to my wardrobe. After all I would hate to go to my first meeting with a client and have them look at me and think "She's going to style ME!" 

I tend to be a very classic dresser as it is, which I guess can sometimes be misinterpreted as boring but at least it never goes out of style! This brings me to the main focus of this post.. Fashion versus style. It's easy to be fashionable, I mean off you go to the shops and you have mannequins dressed in outfits that you're supposed to buy and wear, but, is it as easy to be stylish? I don't think so, you see style is the x factor of the Fashion World, style does not fade and it certainly does not conform. Every day I see fashionable people but you wonder how they are taking the current fashion trends and making them their own. Many people don't but sometimes you find a true gem, a stand out and you can marvel at their style flair. Olivia Palermo is definitely one of those style icons, someone who takes a fashionable outfit and styles it up so that it screams Olivia Only Style! 

Olivia Palermo Out & About - NYC
Take a look at this very classic ensemble, anyone can put it together but everyone should style it differently. Copy cat fashion is not fashion! A pair of black skinny jeans, a white top, a fabulous white waistcoat and some brogues and hey presto an amazing look. However, the love is in the details, accessories matter almost as much (no wait, who am I kidding!) they matter as much as the clothes on your back. A look can fail because it is accessorised badly. Always make sure your bag looks good i.e. is in good condition, nothing takes you from style goddess to style failure quicker than a scruffy, dirty handbag - the same rule applies for shoes. Olivia has added two chunky perspex bangles to this look but being a very classic style canvas anything goes. Leave the vest unbuttoned and add a gorgeous necklace. Wear a beautiful cuff, add some colour like some turquoise rings. It really is up to you, most of all don't be afraid to experiment, to try new things and to bring who you are into your look, that is what will make you a true style diva. 

Conformity is safe, easy and less scary but being your own person is definitely more fun! Fashion is my passion but great style is my everlasting quest; and I'm sure it's going to be a journey fraught with some fashion missteps but the learning is in the mistakes! 

On that note have a fabulous Monday everyone and thanks for stopping by! 


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Allow Myself to Introduce Myself....

My name is Nyika Triegaardt and I am embarking on my FIRST BLOG! Eek! Whilst I consider myself a techie (I lust after the Sony Vaio, the iPad2 and a Kindle) I find blogging somewhat intimidating. Hell, I only just got to grips with the hash tag thingy on Twitter and I've been tweeting since about 2009! It's a strange paradox, this loving technology but being frightened of it at the same time. I am sure I am not alone where this is concerned but I had to GET A GRIP! I am trying to start my own little personal styling and wardrobe re-invention business and the best thing at my disposal is, yup, you guessed it, technology and whilst I have had the amazing website Polyvore at my disposal for a year I also want to make my voice heard in another forum and so my blog is being born.

It's going to be quite an exciting venture, both the business and the blog, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am sure the blog will be quite hedonistic in a way, dealing with subject matter that I am fond of, but at the same time I hope that it is interesting for everyone else to take a gander at and maybe comment on. The main focus will be fashion but I love so much; film and acting (the biggest passion in my life!), music, books, crosswords, animals, politics, travel... the list is endless... that I hope to fill the blog with an array of exciting topics that people can identify with. 

So the title of this post is Allow Myself to Introduce Myself and that is exactly what I shall do. You all now know I am blog-impaired but here are some of the other salient facts about me. The name of my blog is Treat and my business is called Treat Yourself, Treat comes from my surname of Triegaardt and I think it is such a lovely word. After all anyone wanting to re-style themselves will be treating themselves to a great, new positive experience. 

I am a South African who is now living in Australia, I adore Australia and am so happy to be here though I am proud of my status as a South African, we are a funny, tough and cool bunch of people and I was very lucky to be raised in such a wonderous, diverse and difficult place. Embarking on a new life journey is bittersweet, there are always people you leave behind and lonliness is an issue but it certainly does make one try things one had never contemplated before (like blogging!) 
I love, adore and respect all living things and whilst not a Buddhist or, to my shame, a vegetarian, I try my utmost to not harm things in my life or in my fashion aesthetic. I shy away from all fur unless it's fake, I do not find lizard, snake or crocodile skin appealing and completely believe that animals have better places to be than on my feet, on my arm or around my shoulders. Right, climbing down from soap box... NOW! Of course I welcome different opinions and I do not judge others who love fur and skins, that is their prerogative, it's just not my thang! 

I am aware that there are squillions of blogs out there that will perhaps be more polished than mine, or wittier or offer pure fashion views that are not clouded by other topics but I hope that people will check in on Treat every once in a while and give it a shot. As the weeks march on I hope to become a more sophisticated blogger and offer up a blog that is as pretty to look at as it is fun to read, for now all I can offer is good, solid style advice, opinions, some bitchiness (this is fashion, dahling, it is a given) and an all around great read. 

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