Monday, 11 June 2012

My Current Obsessions..

Here is a quick collage of the things on my lust have list, I am sure you all have one, that little list in your mind of things you drool over. Now of course if I had to add every drool worthy item on my list I would run out of collage space so I have only added the things taking centre stage in my mind. 
From the top: 
For some reason khaki pants are featuring heavily in all my fantasies, I think it stems from seeing my favourite blogger wearing some with some killer sandals that's done it for me. 
The tiny bird vases I am lucky enough to own, though I still look at them constantly because I love them so much! 
Zara sandals.. For some reason I have become entranced with blocky, strappy shoes that you can throw on with (you guessed it) some khaki pants or even some boyfriend jeans. What I adore about these two pairs of shoes is that they are low enough to wear around town without being looked at strangely (I live in a casual, beachside town) but they give you some height, which is what all us gals love. 
The 'muscle' tee - comfy, stylish and oh so on trend, I am loving the colour of this 3.1 Phillip Lim number and even though it is Winter right now I am determined to find a good replica by Summer time. 
Finally those super stunning chartreuse Christian Louboutins.. The colour of those babies is magnificent and a colour I love so much I'm considering naming my first born after it. Not only is the colour pure perfection, the shoe itself is a miracle, so beautiful it makes my stomach smile. 
There you have it, the things taunting me with their beauty and keeping me up at night!
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