Tuesday, 12 June 2012

there is always someone that cares...

there is always someone that cares...

there is always someone that cares... by stylediva13 featuring giorgio armani perfume

Today I wanted to showcase one of my recent sets and talk about what I love about it in terms of fashion. I find it hard to define my style but most of the sets I make are, very selfishly, only things that I personally would wear. What I love about the outfit above is the simplicity. A pair of boyfriend jeans, a cute, slouchy tee and some wedges. It is then the accessories that really make it stand out. This set is in tribute to Rebecca Minkoff, an absolutely amazing designer. I just adore the clutch and the jacket and it takes a very simply ensemble and turns it into something special. You see being fashionable isn't always about being uncomfortable and being unable to breathe properly. Yes, some outfits you wear will be slightly restrictive but it is possible to look chic and fabulous and still be comfy. In fact one of my favourite bloggers Karla Deras (www.karlascloset.com) took a Nike sweatshirt paired it with some white jeans and gorgeous sandals and BAM had a look to die for and was she comfy? I bet she was! I guess what I'm saying is this, fashion and comfort aren't mutually exclusive, they can be married together and form a lasting and fabulous union. So, ladies and gents, there really is no excuse for not looking gorgeous at all times! 
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