Thursday, 14 July 2011

Allow Myself to Introduce Myself....

My name is Nyika Triegaardt and I am embarking on my FIRST BLOG! Eek! Whilst I consider myself a techie (I lust after the Sony Vaio, the iPad2 and a Kindle) I find blogging somewhat intimidating. Hell, I only just got to grips with the hash tag thingy on Twitter and I've been tweeting since about 2009! It's a strange paradox, this loving technology but being frightened of it at the same time. I am sure I am not alone where this is concerned but I had to GET A GRIP! I am trying to start my own little personal styling and wardrobe re-invention business and the best thing at my disposal is, yup, you guessed it, technology and whilst I have had the amazing website Polyvore at my disposal for a year I also want to make my voice heard in another forum and so my blog is being born.

It's going to be quite an exciting venture, both the business and the blog, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics. I am sure the blog will be quite hedonistic in a way, dealing with subject matter that I am fond of, but at the same time I hope that it is interesting for everyone else to take a gander at and maybe comment on. The main focus will be fashion but I love so much; film and acting (the biggest passion in my life!), music, books, crosswords, animals, politics, travel... the list is endless... that I hope to fill the blog with an array of exciting topics that people can identify with. 

So the title of this post is Allow Myself to Introduce Myself and that is exactly what I shall do. You all now know I am blog-impaired but here are some of the other salient facts about me. The name of my blog is Treat and my business is called Treat Yourself, Treat comes from my surname of Triegaardt and I think it is such a lovely word. After all anyone wanting to re-style themselves will be treating themselves to a great, new positive experience. 

I am a South African who is now living in Australia, I adore Australia and am so happy to be here though I am proud of my status as a South African, we are a funny, tough and cool bunch of people and I was very lucky to be raised in such a wonderous, diverse and difficult place. Embarking on a new life journey is bittersweet, there are always people you leave behind and lonliness is an issue but it certainly does make one try things one had never contemplated before (like blogging!) 
I love, adore and respect all living things and whilst not a Buddhist or, to my shame, a vegetarian, I try my utmost to not harm things in my life or in my fashion aesthetic. I shy away from all fur unless it's fake, I do not find lizard, snake or crocodile skin appealing and completely believe that animals have better places to be than on my feet, on my arm or around my shoulders. Right, climbing down from soap box... NOW! Of course I welcome different opinions and I do not judge others who love fur and skins, that is their prerogative, it's just not my thang! 

I am aware that there are squillions of blogs out there that will perhaps be more polished than mine, or wittier or offer pure fashion views that are not clouded by other topics but I hope that people will check in on Treat every once in a while and give it a shot. As the weeks march on I hope to become a more sophisticated blogger and offer up a blog that is as pretty to look at as it is fun to read, for now all I can offer is good, solid style advice, opinions, some bitchiness (this is fashion, dahling, it is a given) and an all around great read. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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