Monday, 18 July 2011

A Weekend of Fashion..

There is nothing better than having a little bit of money and taking yourself off to the Mall and finding some great fashion buys, on sale! I am starting a business that is, hopefully, going to make fashion my life so I thought it was necessary to add some key items to my wardrobe. After all I would hate to go to my first meeting with a client and have them look at me and think "She's going to style ME!" 

I tend to be a very classic dresser as it is, which I guess can sometimes be misinterpreted as boring but at least it never goes out of style! This brings me to the main focus of this post.. Fashion versus style. It's easy to be fashionable, I mean off you go to the shops and you have mannequins dressed in outfits that you're supposed to buy and wear, but, is it as easy to be stylish? I don't think so, you see style is the x factor of the Fashion World, style does not fade and it certainly does not conform. Every day I see fashionable people but you wonder how they are taking the current fashion trends and making them their own. Many people don't but sometimes you find a true gem, a stand out and you can marvel at their style flair. Olivia Palermo is definitely one of those style icons, someone who takes a fashionable outfit and styles it up so that it screams Olivia Only Style! 

Olivia Palermo Out & About - NYC
Take a look at this very classic ensemble, anyone can put it together but everyone should style it differently. Copy cat fashion is not fashion! A pair of black skinny jeans, a white top, a fabulous white waistcoat and some brogues and hey presto an amazing look. However, the love is in the details, accessories matter almost as much (no wait, who am I kidding!) they matter as much as the clothes on your back. A look can fail because it is accessorised badly. Always make sure your bag looks good i.e. is in good condition, nothing takes you from style goddess to style failure quicker than a scruffy, dirty handbag - the same rule applies for shoes. Olivia has added two chunky perspex bangles to this look but being a very classic style canvas anything goes. Leave the vest unbuttoned and add a gorgeous necklace. Wear a beautiful cuff, add some colour like some turquoise rings. It really is up to you, most of all don't be afraid to experiment, to try new things and to bring who you are into your look, that is what will make you a true style diva. 

Conformity is safe, easy and less scary but being your own person is definitely more fun! Fashion is my passion but great style is my everlasting quest; and I'm sure it's going to be a journey fraught with some fashion missteps but the learning is in the mistakes! 

On that note have a fabulous Monday everyone and thanks for stopping by! 


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