Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Going Nowhere Slowly...

Los Angeles Confidential Editorial Free * Spirits, June 2008 Shot #1 |...

Los Angeles Confidential Editorial Free * Spirits, June 2008 Shot #1 |... (clipped to

These days nothing is done slowly, everything is a constant rush, leaving people feeling overwhelmed and over stressed. We chase the big money, the important job, corner office, cool car and big ol' house but what we fail to realise is that our single minded determination to rise to the top means we are missing out on the view on our way up there! Don't get me wrong I am as ambitious and determined to be successful as the next gal (I mean my Louboutin obsession won't just go away!) but I also know the importance of taking time to smell the roses. Yes, yes an old cliche if ever there was one but nonetheless a very solid kernel of truth. In today's hurry me, rush me society so much of what we are working for is forgotten in the melee and it is truly sad. 

I speak from experience having managed to attain the high powered job, the fantastic salary and the gorgeous apartment in the right location only to give it all up because I wanted more; not more stuff and not a better job, but a better life. I wanted passion and happiness in my career, I wanted fulfilment and satisfaction and I wanted contentment. These are all things that money cannot buy, and though my journey has been and still is a tough one, I am meeting the challenges head on and enjoying them because these challenges are all in pursuit of my happiness. This may sound trite and once again I am rolling out another well worn cliche but we only get this one life, it sure is hell ain't a dress rehearsal, so we should make sure it's fabulous. 

My passions are acting and fashion, it's doubtful that I will ever make it onto the big (or little) screen, much to my dismay, but I can pursue my dream of working in and with fashion, whether it be on Polyvore creating amazing sets and looking at others gorgeous work, starting my own personal styling business, talking about fashion in my blog or tweeting about great fashion that catches my eye. The point is this, I may not have the fancy car (yet) or my own home, I may be on the wrong side of 20, I may be facing more challenges now than I have ever faced in my life BUT I have fire in my belly, I have hope in my heart and I am determined to get there... as my Gran used to say "slowly, slowly catch a monkey!" 

In the meantime I am going to live each day to the full, I will take notice of things around me and appreciate them. I will enjoy the company of my loved ones. I will learn how to bake. I will grow my business every way I can. I will explore my new Country and make new friends and most of all I will allow my spirit some freedom to simply just be... No rush, no hurry, just... going nowhere slowly! 

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