Sunday, 24 July 2011

Throw Out The Rulebook...

Polyvore Blogger Awards... Karla's Closet

Polyvore Blogger Awards... Karla's Closet by Style Diva_13 (catching up!!) featuring steve madden pumps

I discovered Polyvore about a year ago when I was paging through one of my favourite fashion magazines Shop Til You Drop (you can follow them on Twitter : @shoptilyoudrop), for a creatively repressed lawyer (me by the way) the site was like manna from heaven, a place where I could indulge my passion for fashion, see other people's creativity, comment on it and make friends with a group of fabulous, stylish fashionistas. I have always considered myself to be good with fashion, having a natural eye for what works together and what doesn't, it is kind of why my friends and family have been asking me to help them accessorise their looks for years but Polyvore gave me the scope to work with all the fashion I love, put it together in a totally creative way, mix and match looks and have the support of a community letting me know my work was appreciated. It has been a real gift to me. 

The other great thing with being on a fashion website is that it allows you to realise the wealth of talent that is out there in the form of bloggers, stylists, new designers etc etc. Seeing how other people use fashion or dress it up is an inspiration to me to try new things, new styles and to always keep the evolution of my style aesthetic going. At the moment Polyvore is running a contest in which you create sets to vote for your favourite fashion blogger. The coveted prize is a Chanel bag (yes you read right!) and what a prize that would be, but, more important than the prize is the discovery of some amazing blogs! The one featured, which is my first entry to the contest is called Karla's Closet and Karla is up for a blogger award for the most coveted wardrobe (take a peek at her blog here ) to see exactly what I am talking about. OMG this girl has a wardrobe that would make a Vogue editor go green with envy and boy does she know how to mix it up. One very important lesson I learnt from this savvy style diva is this: throw out the fashion rule book! As Karla demonstrates, why only wear sparkles at night? It seems silly, doesn't it, to let your most gorgeous tops hang in your closet for special occassions when every single day should be a special occassion. Admittedly one might wonder how to wear a sparkle top to work but, my style goddesses, it can be done! 

One black sequinned top + one black pencil skirt + one cute as a button cardi = style magic!! 

The only thing to remember about fashion is that taking risks is never a bad thing. Whether you want to try colour blocking, or wearing contrasting colours, or even pairing leopard print with red jeans a la Khloe Kardashian all I can say is JUST DO IT! 

Fashion is life's most adaptable art form; it is personal, fun and eye opening. It allows you to be creative in every sense of the word, opening up a world of possibilities that other areas of your life don't allow. It may seem scary, but then start small a turquoise cuff with a coral scarf, a black skirt, blue blouse and pink jacket, a leopard print scarf and some red flats, the list is endless! The main thing is to try and I promise you will never have more fun! 

Have a fashionably fabulous week and thanks for stopping by!! 


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